Youth Mindfulness Programme

Youth Mindfulness Courses.

Giving young people well-being and resilience for life.

These sessions can be one to one. Small groups or run as a family course.

If you feel that you would like to give your young person some resilience and coping strategies to navigate our ever-changing world, whilst being outside in nature, then this is the course for them.

Nature has no expectation, no failure, or they can just be. The perfect place to learn skills for life.

We are tending to only help our young ones to manage when they’re getting closer to crisis point. Let’s give them the tools to cope before they need them and when they need them. An invisible tool kit to manage the ups and downs of life.

Please call or email for more information.

Term time sessions.

In term time I run sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. After school at 3.34  – 4.45 pm (And a refresher session on Fridays) I run later sessions for older children and late teens. Please do call for more information as to when the next set of sessions start.

School holiday sessions.

Sessions available in the school holidays. These run in two hour blocks over three days.

Sessions are at my practice rooms in Saffron Walden or at a local nature reserve.

Please contact me for session prices.

Booking is by phone call or email 07966579345.

Session one.

What we will be covering.

The different types of relaxation.

What is stress and worry and how these sessions can help.

The science of stress. Fight and flight.

Our brilliant mind.

Why we need rest and how to have a break from stress and worry.

Being in the present moment.

Breathing and returning to the breath.

A practical relaxation session.

Session Two.

Relaxing the body and body awareness.

Recognising tension.

Self Massage.

The body scan.

Being aware of all the senses.

Relaxation in nature.

Using triggers for relaxation.

Sensory 5,4,3,2,1.

Session three.

Relaxing the mind.

Worry over thinking and the monkey mind.

Practical session.

Returning to your breath.

Will power.

Studying and how mindfulness can help.


Session four.

Practical session one.

The importance of sleep.

Cultivation gratitude.

Three good things.

Self Massage.

Practical session two.

Session five.

Coping with difficult thoughts and emotions and developing resilience.

Growing your practice.

Practical session.

I see you anger.

Kindness and being a good friend.

The regulation of social media and gaming

Session six.

Mind state.

Returning to the breath.

Having a good foundation.

Developing our practice.


Practical session.

Session overview – I ask parents and carers to join us for the last 15 minutes of the last session, to find out about the work done and and how it can fit into daily life.